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Hello Xanadu Gallery on-line

I have recently added work to an exciting new online gallery. Well, it’s new to me as I had in the past been hesitant to post work online. As an artist I just found the amount of online galleries daunting and frankly was not sure of the submission guidelines and whether I could trust that they were not just available to everybody in an online format with no actual gallery experience. After asking around and researching, I discovered that my fellow artists and gallery owners really respected Xanadu and the knowledge that Jason Horejs has about the industry. He has several books about successful gallery operation and how to succeed as an artist in this not so successful buying market so I am counting on his expertise to guide me through. I will post new work as it is accepted by him (he does jury work before posting) and add an update to a gallery page for his site on my own website so stay tuned. And when I am in Arizona, someday soon I hope, I will get to visit his wonderful gallery in person!


Flags 12 x 24 acrylic on canvas $475



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