The Great Escape

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I believe that in art, change is inevitable if you want to continue to grow in your field. I have been away doing just that and it is not easy and does not come without effort.  Sometimes the effort comes at a cost, and that cost is to drop all other things in pursuit of your art. I miss my home and family and friends and I will not see them until Aug 1st at the earliest.  The 15 week course here at Haliburton is designed to get you to question your current practice and to help you to think about why we create as artists. I have learned many new skills here and I look forward to putting them in to use when I return home in 4 weeks. This course has not been easy and is not for the faint of heart. It has been suggested that I am here having fun painting for four months. Hmmnnn,  hours of research, investigation, notes, giving presentations that last 5 hours and sitting through and being involved in critical assessment and theory and much more, and now finally the practical work for three short weeks. Critique on top of critique given and taken, theory and research on topics such as Hybridity and layering, re-contextualization, appropriation, representational work, erasure and palimpsest (yes that is an art word) and contemporary practices, and did I mention the critiques? The instructors have been incredible and the course load tough, extremely tough. I will not soon forget the knowledge I have gained and I will never be content to just paint pretty pictures anymore. During the next few weeks I will sleep little and work hard to recreate and develop a new body of work. Tomorrow I try my hand at wire sculpture with Charles O’Neil. They say it is tough, I am looking forward to the challenge.

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