The Alton Mill


Thanks for wonderful afternoon painting in the Headwaters Gallery at the Alton Mill. This is such a great environment and I loved the lighting. The sun was out from the north for most of the afternoon, and I was able to paint from about 1pm -3:30pm. I watched the lovely wedding preparations in the courtyard outside and what a gorgeous place for a celebration. I met so many wonderful people this day and reconnected with some I had not seen in a while. Great to see you again Ludgera and nice to meet you Nancy (love that camera of yours). It was pleasure to speak to you John and Anne Church and I look forward to seeing John’s wonderful photographic work again. I must check out Flicker for sure. Welcome to the area Peter and Shelley and I hope you enjoy setting up your new home in Orangeville and I look forward to seeing you both again.

Painting at The Alton Mill

Painting at The Alton Mill

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