Reed Cooper Bursary Recipient

"Going Places" 12 x 24 acrylic on canvas

“Going Places” 18 x 36 acrylic on canvas

       I am very pleased to announce that I am a recipient of the “Reed Cooper Visual Arts Bursary”. This will be a wonderful year full of new challenges and painting adventures and thanks to this award,  I will be able to continue my painting journey with classes at The Haliburton School of Art in their program of Studio Process Advancement.

            This is an intensive, focused program of studies designed for mid – career artists to develop their skills and build an artistic presence with their work. It has a strong direction towards in studio practice and procedures and practical work that will generate many exciting paintings. I will have the opportunity to work with many renowned instructors and explore new techniques and mediums.

            I look forward to this experience with renewed energy and a sense of adventure.  The course of study runs for 4 months full time from May until the end of August. During that time, I will be relocating to Haliburton and staying in a student room in a lovely B&B. It is a short walk or bike ride to the school and I will have plenty of time to paint and explore the scenic beauty of the area.

            Upon completion of the program, I will continue with my paintings of local areas with an emphasis on the Island Lake Trail. This is an area that I feel strongly connected to with my recent Plein Air work that I started in the park and in the studio this past summer.  I have several paintings of the trail area and more inspirations that are just waiting to be put on canvas. The painting “Going Places” was one of these and I look forward to doing many more!

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