Painting by bike!

sharon The veiw from the top Island lake 1

What a great way to Plein Air paint and get fit at the same time! I parked at the Island Lake lot in Orangeville and off loaded my bike. With a full pack of gear, surprized at how much I could carry on my back, I headed in to the park interior. Beautiful, is the only way to describe the job they have done to enhance the trails and build so many wonderful bridges and walkways.

I realized a short way in, that there are many things I probably could have left at home as I was pretty exhausted by the time I reached first big hill. No matter, I planted myself there as it was a good view and had a lovely picnic shelter to sit under (could have left the camp stool at home). Hey, what’s that noise as I set up my easel …… where did all that dust come from? It turns out that the front of the Island Lake trail, borders on a fully operational gravel pit, and I chose a spot adjacent to a working pit! Ahh, no worries as I only planned to stay for an hour and a short way into the painting I lost track of all the noise and dust, and focussed on the scene in front of me.

One of the nice things about the park is the feeling of camaraderie with other people on the trail and a mutual admiration of the nature around us. I met a lovely lady named Debbie who was out for a hike and felt that going through the park helped re-energize her during her day (she works from home). I also met several other families and both hikers and bikers came by to chat.

I have a bit of work left to do on the painting but I took reference shots to continue working later. I look forward to going back today and perhaps spending a bit more time in another spot (minus the gravel excavating) Will keep you posted!


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