Painting and Puppies

Shoe Sorry

Shoe Sorry

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When I started this post, I wrote the words we have been fuzy… I meant to say we have been busy with a new puppy, but fuzy or fuzzy is probably the more accurate statement. It is amazing how life takes turns around the most interesting corners. We gained a new puppy “Luna” without planning to,  but she has already worked her way into our hearts and taken a large portion of our days. Painting time has been hard to find so I brought one of my large easels upstairs where I can paint while she naps which she seems to do several hours a day. She also spends a lot of time eating, growing, digging and chewing, when she is not chasing my other dog “Bootsy”. I am grateful for all of the time I spent outdoors painting and pleased that I am not too far behind for fall shows. It should be an interesting autumn ahead!

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