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It has been quite the journey so far and I cannot believe it has only been a few weeks since I arrived here at Haliburton. The teachers are all wonderful and seem to have great humour and charm. Is that a creative thing I wonder? My studio mates have already become close friends and we have survived our first few presentations and deadlines and look forward to completing the bulk of the written assignments soon. Having said that, this is not easy! I start my day at 5:30 (yes I have been sleeping a bit later) with reviewing notes and assignments. Today I have a 5 hour presentation with fellow Studio Mate, Beth James on Appropriation in Art, and we both look forward to completing it and moving on to other assignments. We usually finish our formal class time by 4pm but many of us stay here late or go home and work till 8 or 9pm.  Can hardly wait to paint though, and I do think I want to try several other mediums while I am here. I want to play with more texture and I and thinking of Encaustic maybe?


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