Haliburton for a day

Path to Wren Lake acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 $1,350


I always love the drive north to cottage country and going to Haliburton became a huge part of my life a couple of years ago when I attended the Studio Process Advancement course at the School of Art and Design. I would travel to and from the school and return home sometimes each weekend and other times when the course got intense, I would only return home every third weekend. Each time I would try to put as much visiting time into my trips and now when I go back to take paintings to the Ethel Curry Gallery, I try to see some of the friends I know from the area. However, sometimes things do not quite fall into place the way you want them to and I found myself travelling to Haliburton for the world’s shortest visit. Because of timing and people just not being there this week, I stayed from about 12-2 and had to race back home. Yes, sometimes life is a blur!

My view of the scenic hills from the car window!

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