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Monet Potential!

Monet Potential!






resting place

winding road


Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet

Resting Places

What  a Brilliant Day! I finally got it right with the weight of the back pack, hooray! I did cut out a couple of things and did not miss them, snacks, and the CHAIR! Really, some things you just have to do standing up – painting is one of them! I felt much more attuned to what I was doing. Of course, I have always loved trees and today I looked for them. It was too hot to paint in the sun anyhow, and I hardly noticed the bugs (thank you family off!) I did see a lot of people again and co-incidentally saw several from last week who do not even live here!

I was fortunate to see Roger and Angela again and they saw me begin my painting and had a chance to view the finished work. I really think they should just move here from Heart lake as they come up often, and the forest Gremlins would appreciate regular visits. Yes, I had more squirrel buddies and I even had a visit from Violet the puppy. She made herself at home and though her doggy mom, Leslie, says he is 6 years old, she seemed young for her age!

I also saw Iyanni again, who I had the chance to meet last week at the Alton Mill for the opening of A Feast for the Eyes. He did not get a chance to bring his puppy dog Brogue this time, but was able to bring his relatives from Bombay India, Abbey and Phil. They had spent some time in NY and were visiting the Island Lake trail before they headed to the Badlands in Cheltingham. That is a spot that have enjoyed painting for a long time, so neat the coincidence. They were with Iyanni’s dad, Sheriar and Daena who has the most interesting spelling of that name I have ever heard. They also live in Brampton so it is an amazing coincidence that we met again.

On my ride back I was able to stop and shoot some beautiful water lily reference photos and I almost made it up the big hill. Hey, maybe next time?


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