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It’s funny how fast summer goes. We promise ourselves to be fitter, get more projects done and be more contented with the weather as we know it is fleeting. Yet, it still passes at record speed;  the kids are back in school and as artists we are all getting ready for an assortment of Fall shows. My summer is particularly memorable this year because of the addition of a new puppy and all that goes with that! My goal was to get out on my bike and ride and paint. A few weeks in to it and I realized that as much as I enjoyed the journey, I still miss painting in my studio on larger pieces that require great lighting and keep me close to my home (and my new puppy who seems to need a lot of hugs, when she is awake)

I had already decided not to have a home tour this season as I wanted to spend as much time painting as I can and actually let my husband finish some much needed outdoor projects this fall. It was great to get a phone call from Carly at Al Pace’s Farmhouse studio, to ask me to bring in some of my paintings for an impromptu show. The space is really perfect for them and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have them there.

I am also getting ready for the Orangeville Art Group Fall show and the SGI show. The SGI paintings were pretty much juried in the spring but we were allowed to add some if they were similar. I am pleased to have been able to produce this painting that depicts one of my Painting by Bike journeys on the Island Lake Trail this July.

It was one of those well lit warm days where the light streams through the forest with an ethereal quality. I had set my bike against a tree in order to off load my painting gear and set up my easel. I looked over at the bike and decided that this was a good opportunity to take a couple of photos of my mode of transportation for record keeping sake. When I returned to the studio, I realized that the mood and composition of the pictures was worth a second look so I created this larger piece based on one of them. I still have several more to look at through our colder days of winter and may be able to relive this part of my summer anyway through future paintings.


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