Day 2 Painting on a bike!

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More water this time!

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Caught Red squirrel handed!

The Rocky Path

The Rocky Path

Day 2 of Island Lake, I think I got there a bit earlier today and the spot I chose was so much better. I still packed way too much gear and maybe I do not need to bring some of the heavy stuff, like the chair and may be too many heavy snacks! I do find some times that I paint better standing as I can distance myself from my canvas better and am much more actively involved in the painting.

I met a lot of people, Brandon, a young artist himself was biking through the park and caught the beginning and the final of my painting. Marta, who was with Brandon, claims to not be artistic but I have often found that people who will take the time to bike through nature have an artistic soul, waiting to be discovered.

I also met a very interesting couple, Roger and Angela who are from the Heart Lake road area. Another natural wonder area if you have ever seen it though I know it has changed, the community has retained some connection with the beauty of nature around them.

I had a couple of non-human guests and was surprized to see the red squirrel perched on the tire of my bicycle. And I had the honor of meeting Lindy the 7 month old puppy who was quite interested in what I was doing.


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