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"Just Go" Acrylic on canvas

“Just Go” Acrylic on canvas

One of my favorite pieces, “Just Go” was sold at the lovely Alton Mill during the show “Kaleidoscope”.  If any one knows who purchased it or if it was you, one of my website viewers, could you please contact me as no selling info was recorded.

It has been a busy Autumn, one of my most hectic for sure. With the arrival of snow on Nov 1st, and it’s sudden departure later in the day, we are reminded of the brevity of our warm seasons and of the typical house hold chores that need doing. Will I get to mow one more time, just for the sake of mulching leaves? How many more bike rides are left this season? How many more trips to the garden for carrots before I have to dig them up for winter storage?

For me one of the biggest signs of the changing season is that I am now painting indoors for the most part. And my studio? Oh, my studio looks like a bomb dropped in it. From un-put-away-ables like paints and brushes to things that should be thrown to stuff that smells kind of funny! Where do I start? Hmmmnnn, perhaps one more day outdoor painting while I think it of how to begin!

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