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Sharon with Lavender hair

I was pleased to be chosen for a Reader’s profile from Red Dot Blog and I have included a link here.  Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, writes my favorite art blog and truly has been instrumental in the way I motivate myself and grow my art practice. Thank you Jason for your inspiration.

It has been a busy winter and I really am excited about Spring. This year, I have been changing my schedule to include more exciting workshops at my studio and more time working through my Home Gallery. I have been building a new body of work and it has been a lot of fun, and trying to keep up with replacing paintings that have sold. One of the things that I am most thrilled about, is the discovery that people will buy winter paintings in the summer and spring in the fall and that art knows no season if it works for the clients home or environment. I am playing with some new palettes and more texture in my work and I am enjoying the results.

Sharon at home in her Studio Gallery

The Last Snowfall before the decorations were taken down in Feb 2018


My studio and teaching facility with great lighting

The big girl studio dog Luna

The real boss of the studio Bootsy


A study in texture It’s Winter Baby




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